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Big life events can hit hard and blindside us:

  • changing the course of our lives
  • altering how we think
  • impacting how we relate to ourselves, and to others. 

Hopefully, we learn to integrate that “Big Thing” into our lives in order to continue living in a way that feels purposeful, and even joyful. 

But not always. 

First, we have to figure out a few things. Actually, a LOT of things. I know, because I have been there. Like you, I have been de-railed from “life as normal” and have had to adapt accordingly. It was extremely uncomfortable! It didn’t go too well at first, but I definitely figured out some essential pieces!

It starts with the very simple task of learning “What to Say & What Not to Say When Grief  Impacts Your Life!”

What to Say and What Not to Say ebook cover transp smallIn this free download, you will discover:

  • Simple responses that will help you navigate your roller coaster of emotions; making it easier to get through your day
  • The difference between grief and depression and how to navigate both
  • The #1 thing you can tell others to NOT say to avoid re-living the gut-wrenching grief

If you’re ready to understand how to navigate grief, download this guide and know you are not alone!


I know when I was thrown into the belly of grief, I found myself awake at night saying these things. 

Perhaps you can relate…

  • I am overwhelmed with it all and my brain feels foggy. I can’t think. I can’t make decisions, and it is maddening!
  • What did I do??? What is the point of it all? What is my purpose here?
  • Nothing makes sense anymore
  • Nothing is working. Fighting the stress and worry is stressful and worrisome!
  • This literally hurts my body
  • Why am I making things harder on myself when every day is such a push anyways?
  • Everything is just too damn HARD
  • I just miss my person
  • I will never be able to feel good again
  • I believe everyone else will be OK, just not me. I don’t even know who I am anymore. Where is my hope, my faith, my sense of self-worth?

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I remember the day my life came to a screeching halt, and Grief hit me square in the face. I can still feel the scars it left in my life, but I have a different relationship to it now.

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Like the Phoenix Rising, you too can have a new perspective – to create new results. 

You don’t have to live with Grief in ways that are “expected” from others. 

YOU can decide what your Grief story will look and feel like. 


  • Having time for yourself, in addition for others and for your career
  • Balancing, healthy boundaries and consistency – even when there was chaos
  • Clarity to make better decisions. You would feel stable and confident in your choices
  • The ability to get from point A to point B with a sense of hope, adventure and fun
  • Hobbies and interests outside of work and family, and be participating in your community
  • Space to breathe, literally and metaphorically
  • An empty laundry basket!
  • Connection to your body and energetic flow, so that you could be giving to others from your overflow; to be aligned with your Spiritual Truths and have your natural outlook be healthy and positive
  • Inspiration and motivation to create a life with purpose and meaning
  • More energy, and a better relationship to your body – to understand it and be able to respond to it with confidence
  • That feeling of being at Peace again
  • To be living a life you feel good about – even joyful!

Through this free download “What to Say and Not Say When Grief Impacts Your Life,” (as well as my coaching programs, workshops and retreats), we can begin a new path of living in this world with an open heart and meaningful connections.  

Let me show you the path to whole-body healing, to finding sanctuary inside of you.  Let me be your Wing Woman, and help you soar again.

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What to Say & What NOT to Say When Grief Impacts Your Life

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