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Are you ready to feel that Deep Connection
in your Body, your Mind, and your Soul?

Are you ready to:

Reduce Stress & Overwhelm
Relax your Nervous System & Reclaim your Life
Feel Peaceful, Purposeful, & even Joyful?


If you are…

Tired of feeling stressed out and pulled in every direction?

Tired of chaos ruling your life?

Tired of feeling stuck or numb in relationships that are important to you?

Tired of being so out of touch with your Body?

Tired of NOT feeling connected or as though you actually have a purpose?

Tired of feeling tired?

And you would rather…

Take back control of your life, for good

Be able to catch your breath, relax and enjoy life

Connect to people and practices that encourage your Best Self to shine through

Feel good in your Body, your Mind, and your Spirit all aligned together

Realize and manifest your life purpose

Live in a State of Flow

Then let’s cut to the chase and have a meaningful, intentional conversation.

Life is hard. I get it. 

And when you feel like you are not even in control of the life you are living, it gets even harder.

Resiliency Toolkit was created to help you reduce stress, relax your nervous system, and reclaim a peaceful, purposeful, and joyful life.

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Read my journey from grief and feeling stuck to freedom, embodiment, and purpose
Are you ready to feel better in your Body and be connected to your Soul?
Get out of your head and into your body to gain a sense of connection, freedom, healing, and inspired purpose

Do either of these scenarios sound familiar?

 – Perhaps your mind is racing at night and you would rather be easing into a restful night’s sleep, because God knows you need it! You grab your phone to open a Meditation App and get pulled into all of your Notifications and Reminders and Messages on Social Media. An hour or so later you are still revved up and can not relax to go to sleep. Maybe a glass of wine would help.

 – Perhaps you are running from one thing to the next all day and have no idea what you actually accomplished by the time your head hits the pillow. There is just too much to do and the list keeps getting longer. The laundry and dishes are piled high and you have deadlines at work you are trying to cram for. You are exhausted, under appreciated, and if anyone asks you what’s for dinner, you just might explode on them. If you could just get off this roller coaster of emotions, things might be able to change.

 – Your relationships to the people closest to you feel strained, and you do not know what to do about it. Real life circumstances are incredibly challenging. You feel stuck, perhaps even numb. You do not feel like you are being seen, or heard, or supported. You may not even know what you need, much less how to communicate it to others. And what might others think, or do, in response? So you remain immobile, and stuck in that spot right there, while it continues to eat away at you.

 – You are not comfortable in your skin. You haven’t exercised in while – or maybe you exercise all the time – and it just doesn’t seem to help. The self judgement rules your internal thoughts and is unbearable. You may not hate your body, but you hate how it’s not cooperating with you. Why can’t I just…? If I could only lose 10 pounds, then I would feel better… I can’t even peel myself off the couch… My body hurts – my shoulders, upper back and neck – my low back and hips… You want to get out of your head and into your Body, but how does one do that and what does it even truly mean?

 – You used to feel connected… to your family, friends, and community. You used to feel connected to YOURSELF and to your passions. You used to feel like you were living a purpose filled life. Where did that go? How did you get so off track? How did you get here and how in the world can you turn this ship around? You want to have fun again, and damnit, you deserve it!


Life is hard. 

And you know what? 

We can do the hard things, with massive compassion.

Compassion for Self, for Other, and yes, even for Mother Earth and all of its creations and causes.


Watch Lindsay explain the connection between embodiment and healing (& shake her booty like a happy puppy!) 

Are you ready for compassion to take over and to create something different that feeds your Soul?

Are you ready to start saying YES to yourself? Are you ready to create some changes? Are you ready to feel more deeply connected to yourself, to your Loved Ones, to your Body, Mind and Spirit, and TRUST that more than anything? Are you ready for Breakthrough and Transformation? Are you ready to live this life, Embodied, and feeling Whole?

“Through Qoya and Lindsay’s teachings, guidance, and promptings, I return back to my body and soul to know what is best for me and my business. It allows me to lead from the feminine.”

– Melinda Cohan