“Lindsay’s numerous diverse gifts are rarely found in one human. Much of the time, people seeking healing and growth would need to connect themselves to a plethora of varied businesses. Lindsay’s multiple modalities allow for her clients to begin where they are to dig deep and given her expertise, empower them to reach out for continued health and vitality in new ways with someone they trust and who trusts them. Such a relationship will help your body, mind, AND soul get what you need to be who you are. Here. Now. In Process. No labels. ALL you. Reach out to Lindsay today to book and appointment with her to dig deep into your life story as the narrative has been, is, and is yet to become.” 

– The Rev. Erin Hensley


Coaching vs. Consulting

Consultants advise their clients about how to solve problems. Coaches guide their clients to their own solutions. Consultants are focused on results. Coaches are focused on people. Consultants are hired to produce a certain outcome. Coaches are hired to support the client as they achieve a certain outcome.


Coaching vs. Therapy

Therapists work with clients that need or want professional help to work towards healing, recovery, and issue resolution. Coaches work with clients who want a detached partner to help them enhance their lives through action. Therapists are experts in medical and behavioral sciences trained to treat diagnosable conditions. Coaches use questions and reflection to highlight their client’s strengths and areas in need of development and then help the client uncover their own wisdom and solutions. Therapists are required to keep their personal feelings and thoughts removed. Coaches use personal disclosure as a tool to catalyze and challenge their clients.


This is Your Invitation to Wholeness…

This is Your Pathway to Transformation…


During our time together, I will listen deeply to where you are in this moment in time (Point A). We will take a look at where you would rather be (Point B), “if things were going right.” Because of my extensive background, I use a wide array of tools and exercises to create new practices and lead you to make this shift happen. The fun part will be learning about which tools are most interesting and effective for YOU. Let’s get you to higher ground, let’s get you living IN your body and living the life you want and deserve.

While working together, you will learn to breathe more deeply, to anchor and honor yourself in the world, get out of the brain fog and overwhelm, and see Beauty in new ways. By honoring what has impacted you in new ways, we can engage a new kind of dialog with who you wish to become now, perhaps even because of how the stressors in your life have shaped you. 

We will get you organized with time management and prioritizing what is most important to you to function and thrive, so YOU can be in control of your world and how you are living in it.  You will research and establish self care as a daily routine, and begin to feel the overflow shift in positive ways. We will discover where you Source your strength from, and fortify THAT even more. As you embody these practices you will also establish new mindsets that align with the new actions you are choosing for your life. This is where you create momentum! But we won’t stop there!  Because you are taking new actions, you are seeing new results and will be able to relax and spark enthusiasm for more!

We are never alone on this path of transformation! By going to the places or people that help you feel connected in meaningful ways, you will be showing up as your best self. No one lives joyfully in isolation. Therefore, you will intentionally pull in specific people to be on your team and in your tribe to help encourage your new vision for your life.  Understanding that being in community with others creates an exchange of good will, you research what it feels like to be connected to others and well supported.

Cultivate a sense of freedom and joy in our lives requires courage and openness to what our lives have to teach us. By creating meaning, or purpose out of what pains you, and sharing it as sacred art, that “thing” that once stopped you in your tracks becomes a Source to leverage, a Source from which your Soul is fed and nourished. Like a Rising Phoenix from the ashes, you grow in confidence by sharing this new version of yourself with others. Like a stone being dropped into a lake with glassy-like still water, the ripple effect of witnessing you in this new place also nourishes others who surround you. Watching you become your best self is one of the MOST LOVING things you can do for your Loved Ones. And, it is contagious!



 “Lindsay brings her unique mixture of gifts to each and every [thing] she teaches. She’s….Playful. Loving. Intuitive. Sensual. Inspiring. Soulful. Generous. Beautiful. Thought provoking. And so much more! I leave Lindsay’s classes with a big smile, a full heart and eager anticipation for the next one.”

– Robin Miles

So, how does this work?


If this resonates with you and your Body is saying, “Hell Yes sign me up!” you may click here for a Discovery Session and we will get you started ASAP. If you are not quite sure and have some questions, or would like to dip your toes in without the commitment, click here for a Discovery Session and we can feel into whether or not it’s a match to work together. I’ve got plenty of referrals if it’s not quite a fit, and I promise my feelings won’t be hurt!


All Coaching sessions will take place online over Zoom. In between sessions you will be further supported through a special Client Portal on my website where we can connect some more about what you are experiencing as you begin to apply and integrate your learnings into your life. 

Private Coaching sessions are just that. They are private, customized to YOU, and done one-on-one over a period of time that we discuss and commit to, together: 3-months, 6-month, and 10-month packages.

Group Coaching sessions are in small groups of no more than 8 women at a time. Sometimes, it’s more fun to have a wolf pack and run wild together, especially when expanding into new frontiers! AhhhhWOOOOO!!! Group sessions are themed each week, and we explore our relationship to that theme as it relates to an aspect of creating  pathways of Transformation. Also, because women are healed when they are witnessed, in leaning into a community of women holding space for one another while being coached, we begin to see our own lives reflected in the life of a Sister in the Circle. We learn as much from witnessing others, as we do on The Hot Seat ourselves!


I am always offering different kinds of Coaching Packages and sometimes combining them with other Embodiment Classes that I teach as well. Please ask me about integrating Meditations, Energy work, Qoya, Oracle Readings or Massage Therapy into your Coaching Packages!