Qoya Classes

 3 Week Qoya Series in Blacksburg, VA

Hahn Garden Pavilion

200 Garden Lane, Blacksburg, VA  24061     

Mondays,  6:00-7:15 pm 

February 18, February 25 and March 4        

$15 per person                 

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Directions: From the main entrance of Virginia Tech (Highway 460), enter on Southgate Drive, then turn left on to Duckpond Drive, then right onto Washington Street. There is a road (Garden Lane) that runs between the greenhouse complex and the garden; this brings you to the Visitor Parking area and the Peggy Lee Hahn Garden Pavilion.


What is Qoya?

Qoya is like going to a yoga class, but more fun.  It’s like going to a dance class, but not.  It’s like having a party with close friends, but different.  It’s like going on a transformational retreat, but condensed into one hour instead of one week.  Qoya means “Queen,” but not the kind of bossy Queen who rules over people and landscapes; the kind of Queen who demands integrity, is easily approachable, and is doing good for the world because of how SHE lives in it, and how she relates to herself and to others. The Qoyas, who inspired this movement form, were the Spirit-Beings in the ancient, sacred lands of Peru. They commanded presence and action from a place of reverence and compassion.  Many people attending a Qoya class are able to get in touch with this space within themselves, and it just… feels… good…

Qoya uses movement as metaphor, and is based on the simple idea that through movement, we remember that we are wise, wild and free. There are no levels or ranks in Qoya, and so there is no way you can do it “wrong.” The way you know you are doing it “right,” is because the movement feels good and true in your body, according to how your body wants to move.  Qoya is based on the idea that life is a dance, and so every class has a theme, and all the secular music for the class is based on that theme.  It is designed to take you deeper into yourself and tap into the whispers of your heart that we rarely get to hear, as well as the wisdom of your soul that aches for you to listen. 

Qoya is an exploration into the way the feminine aspect of your body wants to move. Qoya provides a map to access your inner wisdom through yoga, breathing, and meditation, authentically expressing creativity through dance while enjoying yourself through sensual movement. At the heart of Qoya is noticing how your body feels.  You will laugh in Qoya, sweat in Qoya, and perhaps shed a tear or two.  You will feel more connected to yourself and to the others in class, and leave the space refreshed.  Qoya is good for the body, and good for the soul.  No registration in advance is needed! Simply come as you are, and wear clothes that are easy to move around in.  Bring a yoga mat, a water bottle, and an open heart and mind.