Ritual is that tangible thing where we anchor the intangible, the sacred, and create an opportunity to nurture a relationship with it. To do this in community with others is special indeed, and raises the shared intentions for the Divine to bless it with abundance. For information on any of the following rituals, or to inquire about customized rituals, please reach out for a consultation by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

Birth Beads & Blessing Ways


This is the original “Baby Shower” that our Western culture has morphed into something else entirely.  Instead of focusing on material gifts given to a Baby, we infuse the Mother with wisdom and prayers for the rite of passage that comes only in Birthing a child.  During the months in which a woman is fully pregnant, the elder women of indigenous tribes gather to share stories of their births.  These Wisdom Keepers weave together a collective gift of Knowledge and Abundance in the form of a beaded necklace as they share and impart their secrets of Motherhood.  Originally, as the woman went into labor and entered the birthing hut, her Sisters would hang the strand of beads above her head.  It is said that when a woman goes through Transition, which is the most challenging and painful part of childbirth, she enters into the “crack between the worlds.” Going into a trance like state in order to ascend to the heavens, she then gathers her baby in her arms and brings her child back to the earthly realm. This is when spirit becomes form, embodied, and blesses us with its presence.  The laboring woman reaches above her head and grabs the strand of beads, shaking it. The vibration that is released in the rattling of the beads and the stories that are set free is what brings the Mother and Child back into their bodies.  She remembers that she is not alone, and that other sisters have gone before her.  She intuitively follows that vibration of the beads back into her body, bringing her baby into the world.  Gather your sisters and friends together.  Lindsay will lead you in this beautiful ritual of Sisterhood and Divine connection as you Bless your loved one and set the tone for a beautiful, supported birth.

* Please let Lindsay know if you would also like to consider a rose petal and essential oil foot washing for the pregnant mother, and/or henna tattoos for the belly or feet in addition to the birth bead ritual! 



Despacho is based on an ancient Peruvian gratitude ritual and an offering given back to Spirit. The word “Despacho” translates in English to “thank you.” While on pilgrimage in the high Andean mountains, the shamans stop throughout the day to give offerings to the Spirit Beings found in Nature.  Instead of  saying prayers to receive something in particular, they give thanks for all that has brought them to the present moment.  Despachos are also one of the foundational rituals for Qoya, a movement form that Lindsay teaches.  Despachos are an effective way to tap into a space within you that evokes a feeling of deep gratitude.  Lindsay will lead you and your group through this beautiful ceremony and teach you how to conduct one for yourselves.


LabyrinthWalkingLabyrinths of all designs are found in every world religion on every continent dating back thousands and thousands of years.  Like an internal pilgrimage, they are used as a tool for prayer, for contemplation, for deeper connection to that still small voice within each one of us.  The most famous labyrinth is the design embedded in the marble floors of Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France.  Labyrinths can also be as simple as a spiral in the sand drawn by your own heel on the beach at sunrise.  When pondering life’s big questions or those matters that matter to our deepest consciousness, we can use this ancient tool as many monks, pilgrims and fellow seekers do to turn inward and hear the Divine speak to our souls.

Divination Cards & Readings


The word “Divination” comes from the latin word, divinare, which means “to be inspired by God.” Divination is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of a process or ritual.  Divination comes in many forms, and one of Lindsay ’s favorite tools to access wisdom from Beyond is though the use of oracle cards.  Do you have a question you are pondering or a situation that keeps churning in your mind?  Do you just need some affirmations to bring to light what you can not already articulate? Through prayer and a clear heart and mind, Lindsay can help facilitate a simple ritual to assist you in gaining insights into your inquiries and natural intuitive powers.

Personal Movement Ritual

Soul-Body-Connect is all about helping you to embody your soul as it expresses itself in your outer world.   When we know something in our bones, we can feel it in every cell of our being.  There is absolutely no denying it.  It is your Truth, and we will follow that as North on your Compass.  Using a Personal Movement Ritual, we will work together to co-create a movement sequence that helps you find that place of sanctuary within; honoring what you are learning to let go of, what is present and true in your current dynamic, and what you are inviting in to your life next. Personal Movement Rituals help bridge the distance between knowing something in your head as an idea that might be nice, and moving inside it as a physical Truth.  After creating the sequence you will be instructed how to use it best so that you can feel and sense and know the results of such a beautiful practice… in your bones. (*must have Spotify to continue the ritual on their own at home as prescribed.)


IMG_2057Similar to an Irish stone Cairn that you see on hiking trails when life’s path takes a turn, an Apacheta is a Shamanic stone altar that is passed down through the wisdom traditions of the high Andes Mountains in Peru. Its translation means, “to bring together,” as in, to bring the energies and Spirits of Mother Earth (Pachamama) together with the Mountain Spirits (Apus) for the purpose of massive, MASSIVE healing. You can think of it like doing acupuncture for the Earth – to release stagnant or heavy, dense energy and opening a portal for a higher, more expansive and abundant energy to flow through.   Apachetas help us to heal, and they help Mother Earth to heal.  Apachetas are one way to step into sacred reciprocity with our landscapes and to those that came before us. They are portals of divine possibility and potential and can help us anchor in prayers and gratitudes for places, landscapes and people we choose honor.

Want to build one? Want to build an outdoor altar to open the portal, invite the Spirit to flow and bless your space?  A special place of yours to visit in nature, frequently, and to make your offerings and feel into the guidance you are gifted with while there?

I love building Apachetas.  We will begin with a conversation and a visit to your special spot on Mother Earth.  There, we will create TWO special Despachos called a Haywarykway (pronounced “HIGH-war-REE-quay”).  One honors Mother Earth, and we will bury it as a marker, allowing Mother Earth to digest your intentions and prayers.  The other honors the Heavenly Beings.  We will burn it and use the ashes for an additional marker. You will then have a few days to finish gathering your special stones, crystals and sacred (biodegradable) objects to be initiated as your altar pieces.  When we return, every Stone is placed in a particular order, with particular intentions, and particular prayers. Flowers and candies of particular colors, blue cornmeal and tobacco are placed with particular care and attention with deeper meanings and significance. With each placement, we offer more prayers. Healing begins. We have a long way to go to help ourselves and to help Mother Earth, but it is indeed happening. I promise she will say “Thank You, We Love You,” and your soul will respond, “Thank you. I love you too.”

* This ritual is offered for your private home or land that you own and wish to connect more deeply with. It may also be offered inside of a retreat where appropriate in your program.  Please discuss with me your thoughts and ideas for collaboration *

For information on any of these rituals, or to inquire about customized rituals for a special event in your personal or professional life, please reach out for a consultation by filling in the following form. I am looking forward to connecting with you!