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Soul Sessions


When Grief comes to visit at your door,

do you let Her in?

Ever wonder where your people are? Those people who have been impacted by the intensity of Loss and then Grieving that loss? Those people who might actually understand you right now? Ever wonder how they navigate the seemingly impossible? What’s their secret?  Ever just need to be acknowledged and speak about your experience in a way that feels supported? Like, the conversation doesn’t get dropped there, but actually starts there? What a relief!

It is Time to Gather…

Our lives are forever changed when we lose someone, or something, we love.
Moving forward is not the same as moving on.
There is no clear path forward, no road map, no game plan.
We get to decide how to navigate these losses.
We get to be our own experts.

The journey is yours alone, but you are not alone on this path.

We got you…

Perhaps you have lost a loved one or maybe an animal companion. You may be grieving a divorce, or health crisis that has shifted the way you live in this world. Perhaps you feel like you have no idea who you are these days, and are wondering how to re-locate your Self. Have you lost your faith – in humankind? In your Higher Power?

Please join us for an Online Grief Group that is NOT therapy. We are a tribe of folks who have been impacted by Grief in various ways, and acknowledge the unique story lines others have also lived through. We strive to serve those taking ownership and responsibility for this Grief path in order to grow from it in nourishing ways; as stepping stones to build upon instead of obstacles to avoid. We intentionally meet together, knowing that healing does NOT happen in isolation, but in community, as we are supported and witnessed in taking our next steps and building momentum into living a life motivated by Love, perhaps even because of what we have been through.

We gather on Zoom the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays
of each month from 7:30-8:30 pm EST.

All calls will be recorded for you, and emailed the day after to listen to at your convenience should you have a scheduling conflict when we meet LIVE on Zoom.

Your first Soul Session is FREE!

Please enter your name and email below to register. After you experience Soul Sessions, we will be in touch, and invite you to make it official by joining our group as a member which gives you a few extra perks.

(but I can’t tell you about that now, it’s a surprise!)

1st Tuesday are topic oriented for us to discuss and reflect upon together. Topics may include anything and everything from brain fog to self care to organization to relationships to family and friends, to resources to lean on, to mindset, to community support and spiritual practices, etc., etc.

3rd Tuesdays are with Guest Speakers where Lindsay will Interview them about their area of expertise and then there will be time for you to ask them questions and listen to their responses. Guest Speakers may include but are not limited to Trauma Therapists, Holistic and Energetic Practitioners, Authors, First Responders, Hospice Workers, Spiritual Directors, etc., etc…

Upcoming Guest Speakers on Soul Sessions

Sept 3rd Carol Young with Healing Strides, working with Horses as Healers

Sept 17th TBA

October 1st Beth Fulp “Calling All Angels” Connecting with Your Guides

October 15th Amy Morris “Finding Your Voice When Circumstances are Less Than Ideal”

November 5th Ellen Kittredge “Opening Up to Connection Behind the Veil”

November 19th Laura Farmer, PhD, LPC  “Cultivating Internal Resources for the Holidays: Honoring Where You Are”

December 3rd Jeff Firewalker Schmitt, PhD Ritual, Ceremony & Shamanic Healing

December 17th Honoring the Winter Solstice, Celebrating the Longest Night

January 7th New Year Intentions

January 21st Class Cancelled due to illness

February 4th Donna Otmani “Honoring & Channeling Anger in Productive Ways & What in the World is Spiritual Bypassing?”

February 18th Rochelle Schieck, Founder of Qoya “Following Physical Sensation as North on Your Compass”

March 3rd Cynthia Gene Maloney “Essential Oils for Grief and The Emotion Code”

March 17th    TBA

April 7th   TBA

April 21st   TBA

May 5th   TBA

May 19th   TBA

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