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Based on my professional training and my own personal experiences, I speak on the following themes: 


“We can do the hard things with massive compassion”

“Fire creates growth”

“You are stronger than you think you are.”



Lindsay has a powerful story of epic triumph in overcoming epic loss and trauma (with a “capital T”) when she lost her two children, and everything she owned, in a total house Fire one tragic night. Suddenly homeless and shoeless, having lost her place in the world as she knew it, she leaned into her many communities, embraced her Grief, traveled the world, and devoted herself to Healing by NOT allowing this event to render her a victim forever. She chose to LIVE, transcended, and re-write our culture’s typical messages about being a Bereaved Parent. “We can do the hard things with massive compassion,” and “Fire creates Growth,” and “Speak Your Truth,” and “You are Stronger Than You Think You Are,” are just a few of many powerful, foundational messages to groups to whom she speaks and influences. Young and old, small groups and larger groups, she has an engaging presence and her speeches and lectures carry maximum impact for transformation and positive change.  If you are looking for a powerful and inspirational speaker to motivate and move people, literally and metaphorically, consider Lindsay to help you deliver that result.  She doesn’t just speak TO your audience, she listens to them and the Spirit that moves throughout the gathering; she meets them where they are and draws them in; she invites them into a new relationship with themselves with a renewed purpose and vision for their future.

Lindsay has spoken with teenagers, and parents of teens, to veterans and first responders, equine therapy programs, and students of counseling programs at local universities. She speaks at churches and schools, on Podcasts, and was even featured on a national TV Talk Show, “The Tamron Hall Show,” as they dedicated an entire episode to Living with Grief. Always seeking to serve and amplify the theme or message for the gathering, Lindsay supports others in embracing life’s challenges and traumas as catalysts for massive healing. (Spoiler alert, 1.5 years after that Tragic House Fire, she had another Baby!)




Lindsay appeared on the Tamron Hall show. Watch her interview here:


Lindsay was featured on Choose Unstoppable with Kerri Macaulay Podcast “How losing her boys set this mama on a  mission to heal others.” Click HERE to listen. 










Lindsay led an embodied movement session for Awakening Soul. Watch the video here:


If you are interested in booking Lindsay to speak at your event, your group, your class, or your podcast, you may book a 20-minute consultation to discuss the event and make sure it is a good match for everyone.  Submit an inquiry below and we will be in touch with you soon! Please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you soon.