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“Lindsay has a powerful healing medicine to offer to people who are dealing with grief, loss, pain, and rupture of ALL kinds. Her medicine is in helping people TRANSFORM those experiences and what they are feeling to make meaning and rise to the next evolution of their soul’s purpose. Lindsay creates the powerful container for healing/transformation, she holds the sacred space, and shares the knowledge/tools/resources, mentors in ceremony/ritual, and EMPOWERS to help people move through those experiences with grace and immense support.”  – Laura Farmer, PhD, LPC

“I saw you speak shortly after the Fire and was humbled by your authenticity, honesty, and bravery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you, for getting out there and making magic happen. You have touched so many lives and showed people that no matter what darkness we face, there is always light.”  –  Erin Stehle

“Lindsay’s presence and wisdom made a group of men and women – FEEL, for perhaps the first time in a long time, comfortable in their skin and hopeful. Hopeful they will see joy again despite loss. She has managed to do what I thought was impossible – to live, and find joy even with real sorrow.”  –  Lauren Ellerman

“As I listened to Lindsay share the beat of her heart and tell her story to those who were listening, I not only watched her but watched those watching her.  Not a dry eye was in the place when she so eloquently spoke of the horse that allowed her to touch and see her son again.  She was able to take all of us on the same journey that she experienced personally.   Lindsay is an special person who has a gift in story telling and the fact that she is so willing to be vulnerable and share her personal experience is a blessing to those listening.” – Carol Young

“It is amazing to me when I hear Lindsay speak the courage and tenacity that she exhibits considering the circumstances she has had to face.  On a personal level, I am a parent and I do not even want to think about being in her position, but she has handled it with grace.  I commend her for not only keeping Patrick and Logan’s memory alive, but also in her desire to be a light to others.”  – Brian Simmons, Fire Marshal for Roanoke County

“Lindsay is more than just a speaker.  She creates engagement and a highly interactive experience that gets people involved.  When Lindsay presents, it’s not just someone up there talking at you, cramming your head with more information. She creates a full-body experience and she brings in the intellect, the emotions, the spirit and the energy for total transformation that goes beyond just a feel-good moment, but that is long lasting for those in her audience.  Being a speaker myself that has spoken to dozens, hundreds and thousands, I am grateful for the moments that I have the privilege of being in Lindsay’s audience as I know the ride is going to be one that I’ll always remember.” – Melinda Cohan

Lindsay’s biggest, most fabulous gift of all is the ability to express herself and her experiences with others. She is a fabulous listener which is super key in everything.We all want to feel and love deeper. So many people are trying to find their way and what she has to offer is a path forward.” – Dustin Eshelman, Business Owner, Cultivator of Community Events

A powerful testimony of courage and determination in times of difficulty. Fortified by spiritual, divine attributes through faith. Life changing testament for all.” – T. Webster (Fire Marshal)

“Lindsay has met so much adversity and has lost so much, yet she continues to strive to make this world and our community a better place. I admire her grit. and perseverance… In speaking to our group, Lindsay really over delivered. She didn’t stand in front of people seeking pity – she stood in front of these people with a call to action… She gave us new drive and determination to continue.” – Tiffany Bradbury 

“Lindsay’s ability to connect with the audience on a level that touches the sole of the listener allows her message to ring for all to hear.  I am a better person from knowing Lindsay and believe she has the ability to make a difference through her professionalism and awareness of dealing with the challenges of grief.” – Stephen G. Simon, Chief of Fire & Rescue

“Lindsay is a dynamic, engaging speaker with excellent communication skills, a passion for the subject matter, and a unique ability to connect with her audience.  Our group thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and I would highly recommend her to any group.” – Dave Cohan


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