When you intentionally set time aside from your everyday schedules to go on retreat, something magical happens.  Your body and mind open to new experiences and your spirit breathes a sigh of joy… thank you… whether the magic happens within a conversation over a meal, through the insights of a powerful speaker or workshop, being moved by music while singing or dancing, or within the realms of ceremony and ritual, the magic and connection you seek is there, and it is within you.  Sometimes you  need to pull away from the everyday voices in order to hear it and respond to it.  Lindsay is always inviting others into a deeper, more expanded presence within themselves. Feel free to join her at any (or all) of the following places  and be moved into a deeper level of conscious living because of it!  Click on the links below to find out more about each retreat and feel free to ask questions!

January 19, 2019    Hand Drum & Percussion Workshops PLUS Sound Immersion Performance in Roanoke!

River Guerguerian

We welcome River Guerguerian, Master Percussionist and Sound Scientist from Asheville, NC to Roanoke, VA.  When he’s not teaching music to our younger generations, or recording his next album, River travels the world with multiple bands, creating new vibrations, frequencies, and rhythms. Become actively engaged in a life of rhythm at whatever level you seek: physical, healthful, soulful. River’s classes inspire beginners to explore new possibilities, advanced students to aspire to deepening their skills and all participants to resonate in the supportive community that grows from making music together.  Join us at The Penthouse at Center in the Square in downtown Roanoke.  This special day will be in 3 parts.  Register for one, two, or all three in a package deal – and you will certainly want to bring friends and family!

2:00 – 3:15 pm Beginner Drum & Percussion Workshop – Bring your drums and music makers and learn new rhythms as River teaches us how to play, and how to play TOGETHER to create even more magic! Even if you have been playing for years, this class is for those who have never studied River’s finger style method before or want extra practice in the basics. We will focus on how to create proper tones, how to internalize rhythm in the body, finding the pulse, building strength, and playing grooves together. Great warm up for Advanced drummers too!

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3:30 – 5:00 pm Advanced Hand Drum Class – Bring your drum – Frame Drum, Doumbek, Djembe or Cajon – River will teach you how to pull even more sounds with more intricate rhythms from its skins.  In this workshop, you will learn how to play melodic phrases and lyrical rhythmic cycles, how to maintain a rhythm while others play a counter rhythm, and grooving in odd time signatures. We will explore a wide range of rhythms from around the world. Drop into interesting beats and become more connected to music coming through you!

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7:00 – 9:00 pm Sound Immersion & Performance – Bring your yoga mat and perhaps even a blanket. While laying or sitting in a relaxed state, River will use his array of drums, singing bowls, gongs and rattles to bathe us in a sound so sweet, so powerful, and so magical that it literally takes you to a whole new dimension. For many, the Holidays create chaos and exhaustion as we push to celebrate in big ways with our loved ones.  This event is all about coming back to oneself, even as we are connected to others.  Don’t you want to begin the New Year feeling rooted and wide open, rested and ready for the year ahead?  Me too. Come be immersed and raise your internal vibration.  This sound immersion will transition straight into a performance where River will display just what is possible with music and sound when you connect to deeper parts of yourself and open to the creative flow.  This is a rare opportunity you don’t want to miss!

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River’s percussion rhythms are unmatched and incredibly inspiring!

March 23-30, 2019       Qoya Collective Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica!

Qoya Studio at Blue Spirit Yoga Retreat Center where we will gather each day

Join Lindsay and 7 other Qoya Teachers from across the world in Costa Rica and GET – CONNECTED.  To yourself! To this community!  To your life in a whole new way!  Bring your tired, weary souls to Blue Spirit, an exquisite world class Yoga Retreat Center in Nosara, Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula.  Find yourself all over again, where the jungles meet the beaches and where we celebrate in community what it feels like to celebrate life full out.  This particular retreat marks the 10th Anniversary of Qoya in this world and we are excited about bringing you and extra special retreat that is sure to rejuvenate your soul.  Details about this amazing Retreat Center, how to register, and what it all includes is available by clicking the button below. This retreat ALWAYS sells out, so don’t wait!

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April 26-28, 2019       Dream Into Being!  Asheville, NC  

OM Sanctuary , Asheville, NC
Diana McKendree

Diana McKendree and Lindsay McKinnon are joining forces to bring you an exquisite retreat designed to help you work with your dreams – to remember them, to explore them and extract the deep wisdom that is there for you to understand and embody. The weekend will be filled with movement and meditation practices to anchor what you learn about your dreams, as well as discussion and ritual for your questions to be honored in a way that feels sacred.  We will empower you to own the intelligence and depth of your intuition as it presents itself in your dreamworld.  You will come away from this retreat feeling lighter, refreshed, more connected to yourself,  and excited to go to bed at night and call in more sweet dreams! OM Sanctuary is a beautiful 54-acre mountain retreat center in Asheville, North Carolina where people gather to learn, explore, seek wellness, experience mindfulness and bring balance to your body, mind and spirit while surrounded by nature. We are excited to offer this amazing opportunity and look forward to spending more time with you while there!  To honor the intimacy needed for such a retreat, spaces are limited and will go fast, so grab your spot now and get your discount! Are you concerned that you don’t remember your dreams? No worries!  We have tricks for that too! Upon receiving your deposit we will have online group discussions before the retreat even begins to connect and answer some of these “HOW TO” questions and go over details! What are your dreams telling you about the life you live and the decisions you are faced with? How can you use your dreams to feel more confident in this world as it is constantly changing? Bring it all to us and relax inside of this sanctuary and DREAM INTO BEING!  Click the button below to register.

Value: Early Bird Discount $600 paid in full, or non-refundable $200 deposit and 2 payments of $225 (Total value $650).

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